The young family who live in this Tarrytown house wanted their yard to be as welcoming as their recently remodeled house. They requested that we use native and adapted plants in the beds but leave plenty of grass for their children to use. In the front yard, they wanted to feel more separation between their living room window and the street while not completely obscuring the view, so we created a new planting area near the street to provide that buffer. In the back yard, we cleared an unused area and installed there a built-in firepit with surrounding plantings.


Sometimes what’s needed most is not to add to a landscape but to subtract. The front yard of this Bull Creek-area house in Austin had been unnecessarily chopped into limestone-edged segments. Removing the edging created a less busy look. The limestone we removed was then used in the back yard.

IN Progress in East Austin

This is a large front yard installation in progress. Take a look at how we lay out our plantings and get a window on our process. Stay tuned for more to come from this beautiful and growing project.