Comfort and Joy gardens

At Comfort and Joy Gardens we produce designs for small to medium garden projects. Our projects range from one garden bed or seating area, a set of planted containers to liven up a space or a full front or back yard. We really enjoy the process of figuring out what you need at a price you are comfortable with. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

  • Greet your guests with a welcoming front walk.
  • Affordably increase your living space with an outdoor eating area.
  • Commemorate a special event such as a birth or adoption with plantings.
  • Show your loved ones you care with a window view for a house-bound family member.
  • Experience backyard farming with a set of raised vegetable beds.
  • Do you make a mean pizza? Love a hand crafted cocktail? Grow your own organic ingredients with a themed herb garden.
  • Wipe the slate clean with an entirely new custom designed yard.

Some people just need inspiring design to get them started in the garden. This plan allows land owners to unleash their DIY spirit. They get the satisfaction of purchasing their own plants and digging in the dirt.

Solving design challenges is what we do best. When crafting your outdoor "Big Picture," we consider all aspects of the design from the plants to the furniture. Then we order and install as much as you'd like us to, in stages if that works best for you.



This turnkey package includes full landscaping services, including design, installation, and maintenance. We work closely with trusted crews we can recommend for long term maintenance.